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Why To Loop With Us

We started with a dream – a dream to flip the script on the typical recruitment game.


Most companies are all about racking up the numbers, sending as many profiles as they can under their belt. But here's what we believed: Recruitment shouldn't be a numbers game - it's way more than that. That's why we built Loop.


Loop’s all about the quality, not quantity.


It's not about sending dozens of profiles hoping a few of them stick. It's about finding that one single perfect match who's going to make a real difference. That's recruitment. That's Loop. And that’s why we are different.

Explore our two unique services: The One & Done, for those looking for a comprehensive, one-time solution, and The Hands-Off, our end-to-end offering for those desiring minimal involvement.


Crafted to deliver unparalleled value, these services expand our range to accommodate your needs.

Our Services,
Your Choice

The One And Done

The One & Done

We'll handle the whole recruitment process, you pick, interview your favorite candidates and then, you take it from there - hiring and payment. A simple, one-off fee gets you this entire hassle-free service.


You get top talent, we handle the groundwork.

The Hands-Off

Loop's got your back with hiring. We'll handle the whole recruitment process. You just pick and interview your favorite candidates from the top-tier we present. We hire them, they work for you.


All the benefits, none of the hassle.

The Hands-Off
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